Friday, September 18, 2009

a Sister's message

My sister, Erica, was my Maid of Honor.
She's the youngest, the cutest one.. I still remember her chubby face (BEFORE) and her pigtails!
She's the fairest, the cutest one in the family.

Fast forward today, she's taller than me already!
She already graduated from UST. Time flies so fast!!!

She's the biggest help during the wedding preps and my operation last April.
Without her, I don't think I will be able to finalized the Wedding invitation on time! Hahaha!

Since she's the Maid of Honor, she was required to speak during our wedding reception.
The day was an emotional one! Hahaha! So, I think some, like me, possibly wasn't able to catch her message.
After the wedding, I grabbed her copy. Hahaha!
It's still with me up to now.

I don't think this kind of message can be easily duplicated, this everybody have their own life stories, own challenges.
This kind of message is strictly my sister's message to me and Melchor.
I hope other people can receive this kind of message from their own people.
After all, who will know you best, than the ones closest to you.
Other things can be mirrored, but this one's only for me.

Thank you very much Erica!
Good luck to your TOEFL! :)

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