Saturday, October 10, 2009

Haul: Chanel JC Blush

I got these Chanel blushes last month.
The shades were Fantasia, Rose Dust and In Love.
After I got them, I immediately use them the next day!!
It was Love!!!
I love Chanel blushes, and I'm so happy to be able to got them in tester pan form.
They're all lovely!!! I frequently used Rose Dust and In Love! Hahaha!

Chanel JC Fantasia

Chanel JC in Love

Chanel JC Rose Dust

Because of my excitement the day I got them, I hurriedly made a swatch for them:

Swatches of Rose Dust, In Love and Fantasia

I'm so happy to finally add my Chanel JC blushes. I wonder when I'll have more.. hmmm....


  1. In Love is absobloodylutely gorgeous! :P

    Fantasia looks pretty too. :) I've been digging darker blushes lately.

  2. Hello Pammy!
    So nice to meet a fellow blusher-addict :)
    Yeah, I super like In Love blush also!
    I heard the JC and Irreelle shade for In love are same daw?

    Teka, ayusin ko picture.. distorted pala.. :)
    Ganda rin ng Fantasia!!!!
    Sarap mag collect ng JC blush noh?

  3. hi ria! new follower here :)
    i like the shade of fantasia! <3
    i hope i could try it on too :)