Monday, January 25, 2010

Half way there!

Since I'm expecting my first baby, I've subscribed to different pregnancy websites, and receives alerts, offerings, information almost everyday.

This morning, I received emails informing me that I'm already on my 20th week, and I'm at the halfway mark! That info, instead of making me feel assured, it terrifies me more! Hahaha!

I have to admit, it's not easy, but right now.. I'm feeling great!
Thanks to other mommies out there (especially in my facebook comments), for sharing that I will feel better soon. I didn't experienced a traumatic 1st trimester, but the feelings are defintely different, and not pleasant. I was choosy with food, I will eat certain stuff only. Thank God that my husband's really really REALLY patient with me! Hahaha! I had some vomiting episodes also, but it can be counted within my 2 hands.

I found comfort in the following food:

Now that I'm on my Second trimester, I feel hungry most of the time. And now whenever I'm full, I have a hard time feeling too full! hahaha! (will try to blog my Second trimester feast, though I sometimes forgot to take pictures na.. lazy me!)

Some of my pictures with the bulging belly! :) I hope they won't scare you guys off! hahaha!

13th week

at 13th week (the small scar was from my laparoscopy operation last year April)
the reddish spots were from my scratching because my skin itches like crazy then!

found a solution though! ;) thanks to my colleague in our accounting department!!

18th week
at 18th week (the small thing in my navel was also from my laparoscopy operation)

19th week

at 19th week (wearing my garterized hiking pants low waist! haha!)

I have an OB schedule this Saturday. Melchor's excited already! haha!

I think if the baby will be cooperative, we may know the gender soon!

I do felt the baby moves na inside!!! It's really a wonderful feeling!
Will update soon! I bought some skin care products, AGAIN!!!

I'm stocking up, coz some of my SK-II items are about to dry up.

Also, I noticed my drying forehead, starting to have faint lines!!!!
I'm about to have wrinkles!!! I really have to do my skin care regimen na!!!
That's all for now! ;)

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