Friday, February 05, 2010

Dr. Chiaoling Sua-Lao's contact info

I noticed that this blog have several hits for search for Dr. Chiaoling Sua-Lao.
With this, I'm posting my OB-Gyn, who did my laparoscopy surgery last April 15, 2009.
She's also the one who gave me my medication for the Polycystic Ovarian syndrome.
I'm now on my 5th month pregnancy. I may not have done all the work-ups with some other girls trying to conceive in Manila, but I believe that Dr. Sua-Lao did a very good job with regards to my dermoid cyst, and my medication for pcos.

Anyway, just in case you guys need to visit and contact her, here's her calling card:

Dr. Sua-Lao's contact info

I first visited her in her The Medical City clinic.. but frequents both Binondo and TMC Clinic.

Any questions, I'll be very happy to help out! :) just let me know.. ;)


  1. Hi! We're going to try her out next week if work sked permits. I've already undergone lap with Dra. Ilao-Oreta fr. St. Luke's last year bec. of enodometriosis and pcos (if I remember it right) accdg to her. I've also undergone 2 unsuccessful cycles with her but stopped after that due to several reasons. I got interested in Dra. Sua-Lao bec. of what I read in forums that she believes in the immunological factors of infertility (whatever that is). I hope she can help us bec . we've been to several doctors already.

  2. tnx for this info :)