Friday, February 05, 2010

my Chanel blushes

Just doing a post and swatches for my current Chanel blushes.
My first Chanel blush was Orchid Rose. I fell in love with it, and used it for more than a week! (that's something already!) Then, I got Reflex, Incognito, Neroli Rose, Tweed Pink, Tweed Corail, Soleil Tan de Chanel (bronzer).. Powders Rosee and Azalea.. got Rose Dust, In Love and Fantasia... then Narcisse, Rose Petale, Fresque, Tea Rose.. and today, got Candy and Fandango.

I think I should stop buying na.. but then, I can still be tempted with the others.. haha!

I used the Narcisse in the morning and In Love in the afternoon.
I felt pretty, with them.. it's like NARS and Armani blushes.. You just feel confident in them.

Here are my Chanel blushes, bronzer and powders:

Chanel blushes

Here are the swatches.. #1 and #2 (except for the bronzer and powders):



Should anyone need more upclose pictures or swatches... I'll be happy to help out!

Enjoy! :)


  1. Chanel porn!!

    I'm envious.

  2. wow that's a very very nice collection sis!!
    *drools* :)

  3. sis please bigger pic sana para makita yung names ng blushes thanks!

  4. drooling now... wow u have a huge collection! amazing! just give me the ones you don't like lol kidding! anyways i missed your posts

  5. Hello!!
    Thanks for visiting!
    I'll redo the Chanel blushes again!

  6. Hi!
    Thanks for pics! Beautiful colour <3 But actually I couldn't see them properly as they are too small to look at x ( Could you let me know the names of the one which is third one from the right side in the second pic and the one which is the second one from the right side in the third pic please? Thanks a lot!

  7. Sorry, when I labelled the pictures, I used my netbook, i thought the labels were already big enough. :)

    Kindly refer to my other blog: for bigger picture labels of the Chanel blushes.

    Thanks for visiting!!!

  8. So you have any clearer and bigger picsbof this? I really want to try chanel blushes,I'm currently looking for a yellow based pink blush? Any suggestions? Xoxo